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Bigos is a traditional polish stew that has many variations. Due to the vast number of variations, offering a recipe is a bit of a challenge, but there are some core ingredients. From the below recipe, feel free to experiment and try new things. In Poland, this is traditionally served throughout the fall and winter months as a hunter's stew taking on new variations as ingredients change. You can make great use of your Crockpot with this one.

Approximate Prep Time: Varies

Crockpot Time: 5 hours to all day, to several days

Serves: 6+

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From Weiss Meats:

    1 lb of smoked kolbassi (cut into discs)
    1/2 lb of fresh kolbassi (cut into discs)
    1/2 lb of veal (salted and cubed)
    1/2 lb of baked ham (cubed)
    Several slices of bacon
    1 pound sauerkraut, rinsed well and drained

From here, be creative adding or mixing meats as you desire - left over roast, or even venison can be used as well, but sauerkraut, kolbassi and bacon should be your base ingredients.

From Your Grocer:

    1 medium onion, chopped
    1 head fresh cabbage, chopped
    1 cup pitted prunes
    1 TBS dried mushrooms
    2 cups boiling beer or water
    1 can of stewed tomatoes
    1 can of diced tomatoes
    1 cup dry red wine
    1 bay leaf
    Salt and black pepper to taste

Vary the above ingredients as desired using cabbage as your base ingredient.


    Fry bacon until crispy, then set aside and drain some of the excess bacon fat
    Fry fresh kolbassi in bacon fat, then add smoked kolbassi and cook until warmed through
    Remove kolbassi and add fresh cabbage and onion to pan and cook until tender, but still slightly crisp
    Meanwhile, boil beer or water
    Move kolbassi and cabbage to a Crockpot or stew pot set to medium heat
    Crumble and add bacon
    Pour boiling beer or water over mushrooms and prunes and allow to steep for 10 minutes
    Add tomatoes and sauerkraut to Crockpot or stew pot
    add mushrooms, prunes and liquid and remaining ingredients
    Bring to a boil and reduce heat to low
    The longer it cooks the better it will be, and it's even better after refrigerating and reheating the next day

Serve in a bread bowl, with rye, over potatoes, try different ways of serving.

Remember to be creative, add and substitute ingredients as you desire.

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