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Beef: Prime T-Bone / Porterhouse Sections

  • Beef: Prime T-Bone / Porterhouse Sections

According to data provided by the USDA only 8.49% of all beef produced in the US classifies as Prime, with most beef earning Choice grade.

Prime beef is typically only made available to high end restaurants, and when you can find it, this coveted beef sells for over $30 a pound. 

Prime means great flavor and tender tastiness when properly prepared! This is a great, flavorful cut of beef that's sure to get you rave reviews every time you prepare it.

Perfect on the grill!

Sold by the section and priced by the pound. Average weight per section, 8-16 lb. Minimum order 8lbs.

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  • $16.95

This product has a minimum quantity of 8.00