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Beef: 3 lb Premium Tomahawk Steaks (USDA Prime)

  • Beef: 3 lb Premium Tomahawk Steaks (USDA Prime)

Looking for an impressive cut of beef? You've found it!

An eye stunning presentation, extra thick cut, rich beefy flavor, and succulent, tender texture combine to make the tomahawk steak one of the best things you'll ever eat. We've chosen premium USDA Certified Prime beef and frenched the bone to deliver something truly special for your next meal. The tomahawk steak is essentially a rib eye with a longer bone for beautiful and impressive presentation.

We're offering our steaks at an impressive price of only $28.00 per lb! Compare to our competitors at $47 / lb. to $57 / lb. 

Sold per steak. Each steak weighs approximately 3 lbs each.  

Minimum order, 1 steak. Weights are approximate and will vary. Final price based on exact weight. 

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  • $105.00

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