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Pork: Pork Loin (Bone-in)

  • Pork: Pork Loin (Bone-in)

You get a lot of variety with this section! It includes the loin back ribs, the loin from the entire length of the backbone, and the tenderloin from the top shoulder. The rib portion is perfectly suited as a roast for slow and low barbecue cooking, or it can be cut into sirloin end chops, center loin chops, center and rib end chops, or any combination of chops and roasts. A great way to stock your freezer with a wide selection of different pork cuts.

Regardless of how you have us cut it, it's a delicious section of meat.

Sold in sections by the pound.

Average weight 18-20 lbs. Minimum order 18 lbs.

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  • $2.29

This product has a minimum quantity of 18.00